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Disagreeing Agreeably:
An Interfaith Exploration and Dialogue for Seminary Students Across North America

Join a cohort of Jewish and Christian seminary students

for four 90-minute explorations and dialogues in fall 2021

Seminary students are preparing to lead communities in conflict. In churches and synagogues, in neighborhoods and in the wider culture, people bring opposing points of view and ways of life.

The division we experience is nothing new. For millennia, Jewish and Christian leaders have been studying and writing about conflict, even as they navigate their own disagreements with rivals and friends. The texts and traditions of Judaism and Christianity have much to teach us about living together in the midst of conflict.

We have much to learn from one another as well. The “Disagreeing Agreeably” cohort offers an opportunity to build community and connection among Jewish and Christian seminary students from a wide variety of denominations and traditions. You will meet others who are preparing for a life of service through spirituality and community, and learn more about the faith of your future colleagues.

Group Discussion

Each of the four sessions in this cohort experience will feature a pre-recorded interview with a religious scholar exploring a text, practice, or philosophy related to “disagreeing agreeably” from their own spiritual tradition. The remaining hour will include in-depth dialogue to encourage relationship building through study and discussion.

“Disagreeing Agreeably” is a project of Sofa Spirituality and Pardes North America. Dialogues will be led by the founders of Sofa Spirituality: Rev. Liddy Barlow of Christian Associates of Southwest PA and Rabbi Ron Symons, The Center for Loving Kindness of The JCC PGH. 

Participants agree to attend all four sessions in full. They will take place on four Thursdays from 3:30-5:00 p.m., via Zoom:

October 21

November 4

November 18

December 2


The application form is below. Applications are due by Monday, October 11, and participants will be notified by Friday, October 11. 


Questions? Email Rabbi Ron Symons.

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