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Local Ecumenical Directory

Within the ten counties served by Christian Associates of Southwest Pennsylvania, there are scores of local ecumenical expressions, such as neighborhood ministeriums, community social service agencies, and clergy support groups. The Google Map below seeks to chart these organizations, sharing their locations and leadership to help enhance ecumenical cooperation in our region.

This map is the first step in Christian Associates' effort to become a resource for local ecumenical groups. Next, we will be gathering qualitative data to discern best practices for local Christian partnerships, then convening local ecumenical leaders to share ideas.

We are working to add more and more local groups to the map below! To add your local ecumenical expression to the database, or to make any corrections to the information you see posted online, contact Student Assistant Dean Baldwin: or 315-806-8940. After May 31, please call the Christian Associates office at 412-688-9070. 

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